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Aleksandar Švarc

Current Member
When Aleks is out of music land, he's unsure. Is he, or isn't he?

After graduating from the Academy of Art in Novi Sad, Aleks is trying to unite pedagogy and the art of performing as soloist or in group, to reconcile old and new music styles, and to embrace the entire world and its diversity through the language of music and harmony.

He found a key to reconciliation, by setting the goal to inspire the young generations of Serbia and the world. Music is majestic path which leads Aleks through many countries, cultures, styles and emotions with extraordinary people. With music in his soul, he is learning, teaching, creating and participating in group music-making in the following ensembles: the Choir of M.S. Petar Krančević, the World Youth Choir (he represented Serbia in Nobel Peace Prize ceremony), the World Chamber Choir, the Mixed Choir of Novi Sad, the Chamber Choir of Europe and other many schools and city choirs all over the globe. Thus Aleks has found his purpose.

Once a journalist asked him: "How did you find a music?" He replied, "No, I think music found me."

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