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Cornelia Elmelid Gillies

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Cornelia Elmelid Gillies
Cornelia enjoys a good board game, a nice cup of tea, but above all: kitty cuddles.

Cornelia Elmelid Gillies is a Swedish soprano, now living in Melbourne, Australia. She started singing in kindergarten and performed in her first opera at the age of 11. She holds a Masters of Education from Uppsala University, majoring in music, history and Swedish as a second language. In 2015 Cornelia moved to Australia after two years of opera studies in Northern Sweden. In Melbourne, she has performed with Melbourne Opera, Xl Arts, CitiOpera and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus. She currently works as a secondary school teacher and singing teacher, and is the assistant music director and vocal consultant in the female pop choir Divine Divas of Sunbury.

Cornelia joined the World Youth Choir for the first time in 2010 and has since attended another two sessions (2012 and 2016), and alumni projects such as World Voices Prague and Chamber Choir of Scandinavia. She loves touring with choirs and has performed in 15 countries at over 20 different projects. Her favourite performance was singing at the royal Swedish wedding in 2010, and her top-three weirdest roles are a Jumping Jack, a Christmas tree and a Kebab stick.

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